BETTERY introduces AA and AAA batteries that reduce waste and save you money on your annual battery cost.  Buy them, use them, and when drained swap them for freshly charged batteries at a BETTERY Swap Station.

Never throw out another battery. Never wait to recharge. Save money, get the power you need without the waste. Trade up to BETTERY, a better battery.

BETTERY battery swap and recycle machine

It’s easy to do, just:

Get batteries at any BETTERY Swap Station.  Just $1.99 through the holidays (regularly $2.50) for a 4-pack, with a $5 refundable deposit.

Take the batteries home, and use them until they are drained.

Swap the drained batteries at the BETTERY Swap Station for freshly tested and charged batteries, for $1.99 through the holidays (regularly $2.50) per 4-pack.

Start saving today!

Premium alkaline batteries cost $6 per 4-pack in many stores. Using BETTERY, even counting the refundable deposit, you can save money on your very first swap.   Then, the more you swap, the more you save.

Use batteries in your workplace?

Learn how BETTERY can help your business or organization meet it’s sustainability objectives, while saving money and hassle, using BETTERY for BUSINESS.

Have bad alkaline batteries to recycle?

Don’t dispose of your alkaline batteries in the trash. Bring them to one of our bulk recycling events, and we’ll recycle them for you.

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