BETTERY battery swap and recycle machine
BETTERY reduces waste, and saves you money with every swap. It’s an easy way to make a positive change at home and in the world. Never throw out another battery. Never wait to recharge. Save money and get better portable power.

Using state-of-the-art AA and AAA rechargeable batteries, you can join the movement of consumers across the nation stepping up to reusable products, without sacrificing performance and without paying more.

Using a BETTERY Swap Station is easy:

Touch the screen to begin, and press on the GET BATTERIES button.

Select the number of battery packs you need.   Each 4-pack is only $2.50, with a refundable $5 deposit.

Swipe your major debit/credit when prompted.

Enter your email address if you’d like a receipt.

To swap one or more drained 4-packs for a freshly charged one(s), press the SWAP BATTERIES button, insert your drained 4-pack(s) when prompted, then follow the directions on the screen to complete the transaction. Each 4-pack costs just $2.50 to swap.

Or, watch this “How to” video

Recycle your old alkaline batteries

Don’t dispose of your household alkaline batteries in the trash. Bring along that bag of old single-use alkaline (AA and AAA size) batteries you have, and we’ll recycle them responsibly.   For larger quantities and for other alkaline sizes, please bring them to one of BETTERY’s frequent battery recycling events.   Go to for more recycling event details.   For household batteries only, not for business use.

Want a Swap Station at your local grocery or drug store?

Now available at select locations.   If you like BETTERY, talk to the store managers where you shop and ask them to install a BETTERY Swap Station.